Escapism Pinball is the leading restoration house for pinball machines in South Africa.

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Star Wars

I'm servicing another Star Wars. Here's the latest youtube.

King Rock

A 1972 Gottlieb King Rock gets its cabinet and playfield restored.



A non invasive reversable way to sort your stubborn outhole kicker

A Spirit of 76 gets a playfield transplant.




Service and Repairs

A service means the playfield is stripped to allow access to the playfield surface, old rubber and burnt lamps.

After removing the old rubber, plastics and ramps, the playfield is cleaned and given a coat of Novus 2 to remove scratches and bring back the shine (and the speed).

Mechanical parts are checked and adjusted.

Broken pieces are replaced but quoted separately.






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Playfields can be replaced with quality 12mm Baltic Birch replicas. These are hand cut, digitally printed and urethane coated.

Old school cabinets are hand stencilled to the original designs and protected with clear coat. Later generation cabinets are prepared with epoxy paints for a smooth surface to apply digitally printed imported or reproduction vinyls.

Backglass panels are recreated from old faded and broken originals to fit your machine.


Some machines are so much fun to play that over a matter of 30 or 40 years they get completely worn out. If it's a classic machine it might be worth it to let us restore it to its former glory.

If your electromechanical pinball is unserviceable we can even replace the relay logic with new digital circuit boards to give it new life.



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Looking for an old school classic machine? Remember Eight Ball, El Dorado, Royal Flush, Power Play, Fast Draw, See Saw or Spirit of '76?

If you've been looking around you've realised that these machines are very hard to come by, especially in decent working condition.

A replica from Escapism Pinball will solve your problem. Our machines are designed and built to give you the authentic 60's and 70's games without the relay logic maintenance nightmares.




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Examples of my work can be seen from my album page. Follow the links in the list.

At Escapism we care about Pinball and about people who care about Pinball. We encourage people to play pinball, and we offer an array of services to keep you up and running. I've never proclaimed that pinball machines are an investment but the good ones are getting more expensive and harder to find each day.

Like classic cars they become collectors pieces but they also require the owners to be able to look after them. To find out if your machine was a popular one visit the Internet Pinball Database and compare the production numbers with other machines of its era. Once you get into it you'll soon have a favourite designer (ours: Pat Lawlor, favourite graphics artist (ours: Christian Marche), and so on. At that point you will have been assimilated by the Borg and there's no turning back.

If you're new to the game have a look at my pinball maintenance guide.

Thanks for looking us up. Enjoy your visit.


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