Escapism manufactures solid state (SS) replicas of old electromechanical (EM) Gottlieb classics like Fast Draw and Spirit of 76 as well as well as early SS machines like Ballys Power Play and Eight Ball. Order yours today.

Does your company stand out at an expo? I can make you a custom machine themed with your company brand that not only looks the part but gives a good game that plays like a dream because its based on tried and tested game layouts adapted from 60's and 70's classic games. 

Used machines are sold from time to time after thorough refurbishmant. Keep an eye on my for sale page.

Bring your machine in for a rubber service and I'll replace all the rubber and burned out lamps, polish the playfield, clean the plastics and ramps and make sure it plays like a new one.

That old machine your dad bought in the 70's can be restored to look and play like a new one. See my gallery for samples of my work.

If your machine does not start or reset you'll have to let me repair it before a rubber service can be considered. (Old EM machines will require special consideration and treatment. Conditions will apply).

Electronic boards are professionally repaired.

Restore your own machine by replacing the old playfield with a new one. My playfields are made of 12mm Baltic Birch plywood, digitally printed (no vinyl), hand cut to exact original dimensions and clear coated for a perfectly smooth, flat, fast game.

Broke the backglass? See my list of replacements available or bring the pieces of the old one and I'll make you a new one, printed directly to the glass with functional masking.

Plastics are made the same process thereby matching the colours on the playfield and backglass. Made from PETG and Laser cut. A premium shatterproof, hand cut Lexan version can be ordered.


design and copyright: Escapism Pinball


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