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Why Pinball?

Nothing brings carpentry, graphic design, electronic engineering and mechanical engineering together like pinball. Perfect for someone with ADD. How could I resist? No other game has provided audio, visual and haptic feedback since the 30's. As a player I've also tried virtual reality but I still prefer actual reality.

Pinball is the embodiment of the rebellious soul of western culture. Page through a pinball book and look at the graphics on the playfields and backglasses and it's like reading a graphic novel on the history of 20th century America. It's a gift to the world from the guys at Genco, Gottlieb, Bally, Williams and Data East and I'll do my part to preserve and contribute what I can.

Thanks Messrs. Lawlor, Richie, DeMar, Gomez, Gottlieb, Stern, Krynski, Kmieck, Christian, Christensen, Clark, Kordek, Marche, Neyens, Parker, Williams, Youssi, Moloney, Kaminkow, Gensburg, ................