Pinball Machine Restoration


Gottlieb Quick Draw

Complete restoration. Game innards were still in serviceable condition. After getting it running it was deemed feasible to proceed with the restoration.


Partial restoration

Playfield Restoration

Where feasible a playfield can be fully restored and treated with a hard wearing clear coat to virtually pristine condition.

Usually a replica playfield is made and installed when the original is too far gone.

Cabinet Respray

In the good ol' days, before pinball machine cabinets were finished using full colour decals, they were finished using mask and spray processes.

The lower cabinet and backbox is primed, stencilled and sprayed according to the original colour scheme and graphics. A final layer of urethane clear coat is applied to protect the new graphics

Backglass Restoration

A backglass with minimal damage can be restored. In most cases a replica is made


Cabinet Decals

Old decals are stripped off, the cabinet is sanded and prepared with an epoxy base coat before the new decals are applied.



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