Mechanical repair

Repairs are made where possible or new parts are installed if they are available.

R 1,500 + parts

Electronic repair

New components are installed where possible. In rare cases boards have to be replaced.

R 1,500 + parts

Reproduction playfield plastics

Reproduction plastics are produced in clear PETG, or optionally Lexan, when factory decal sets cannot be sourced.

R 1,500 - R 3,000 made from PETG and Laser Cut.

For Lexan, Hand cut, shatter resistant versions. Add 25%

Reproduction backglass

Reproduction backglasses are produced when factory units cannot be sourced.

R 4,000

Rubber service

What is a rubber service

Plastics and ramps are removed to the point where all rubbers and lamps can be accessed and replaced. The machine is cleaned and the playfield polished and reassembled. Minor repairs are included in the price of a service but major mechanical or electronic repair is quoted separately

Machines are tested to verify that they turn on, reset and play. Machines that do not turn on and reset properly or machines with missing parts like legs or lock bars, electronic boards, mechanical innards or solenoid switches will NOT be eligible for a rubber service.

If your machine has score reels like this, its an electromechanical (em) machine.

Early Solid States R 4,000

Late Solid States   R 4,500

Electromechanicals R 9,000

Costing is done according to machine age. I have three categories. Electromechanical (EM) machines,
early solid state (SS) machines from the 70's and 80's and
late SS machines, 90's to present.

Check on if you're not sure when  your machine was made.



Playfield restoration

Costs are for the unpopulated item only and will be additional to a service or restoration.

The playfield is completely stripped and restored by hand to a smooth gloss finish. Please note that this will only be done on playfields with minor damage and is subject to appraisal.

R 11,000

New Playfield 

R 9,000 - Unpopulated bare playfield.

Transplanting costs will vary according to board complexity.

Painted cabinet restoration

Early machines were painted using stencils. The cabinet is stripped and repainted according to the original colours. A final coat of clear urethane is applied.

R 7,000

Cabinet decal replacement

During the 80's manufacturers started using printed stickers for cabinet artwork. For certain machines factory decals can be sourced otherwise they have to be reproduced. The cabinet is stripped of old graphics and prepared so that a smooth base coat can be applied before the decals are mounted.


Just the decals R 3,000 

Cabinet prepared and decals fitted   R 6,000


Just the decals R 1,500

Cabinet prepared and decals fitted R 3,000


Both Cabinet and Backbox. 10% Discount.

Full restoration package

A full restoration will be a full service and repair, cabinet and playfield restoration and new plastics and back glass where necessary.

R 25,000 - R 35,000

Solid state conversion

Old EM machines are sometimes so damaged or plundered for spares that they cannot successfully be restored. In those cases I can replace the EM parts with modern electronics. Score reels are replaced with LED displays but the chimes are retained. The cost estimate here is with the assumption that the major cabinet parts (back glass, legs, coin door and lock bar) are all there and includes a full cabinet and playfield restoration.

R 30,000

New Machines

I currently manufacture new SS machines that are based on 70's classics like Eight Ball, Power Play, El Dorado, Royal Flush, Spirit of '76, Fast Draw, and other popular designs. These machines are made with the same materials as the originals using factory parts. All machines are designed using digital electronics in stead of relay logic.

Coin units are NOT fitted.

R 45,000

Custom machines

Would you like me to build you a custom machine?

Come in for a coffee, and we'll talk.



Machine Transport

Assuming we can get the machine out of the van on level ground, close to the house and wheel it to its final destination on a trolley, this is what it will cost you. If there is a staircase involved or if we have to carry it over uneven ground you can add the cost of two more labourers to your price unless you have hands available on site.

The  following costs are one way, meaning fetch and return will be double this.

Machines are transported in a closed panel van and I will be on hand to make sure your backbox is properly removed and reconnected. You'll have to sign a waiver form, however, because I will not be held responsible for accidents or any other "acts of god" who, by his own admission, is vengeful and jealous.

Pretoria: R 1,200

Johannesburg: R 1,500

Anywhere else: Please contact me.


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