Rubber Service

In a rubber service the playfield is stripped to allow access to the old rubber and burnt lamps. After removing the plastics and ramps, the playfield is cleaned and given a coat of Novus to remove scratches and bring back the shine (and the speed).

This service is only applicable to working machines.

How long will you wait?

Services normally take 3-4 weeks but could take up to 2-3 months depending on the availability of spare parts and a wicked 65 day postage delay, courtesy of the new-and-improved SA government.

Before you decide

In most cases a good service will increase the value of your machine by at least the amount you've spent with me. For EM's however, this will rarely be true. You'll have to do some research (the internet pinball database and on-line classifieds) into the value of the machine given its age, condition and collectors appeal before spending too much on it.

All the old rubber and lamps are replaced. Plastics and lane guides are cleaned and reinstalled.

Its a big job, even for older SS machines, and cannot be done on site. Your machine will have to come to the shop.

Where possible and within reason parts are repaired and reinstalled as part of the service.


A word on Electromechanicals

If your machine has parts like these inside, its an electromechanical machine.


EM's are only given a rubber service if they reset and play properly. Also, no guarantee is given on any mechanical parts or repairs on an EM due to their age and the fickle nature of their innards.

Gottlieb EM's will also require a schematic supplied by the owner or a copy bought from the agents in the US. Costs of approximately $30(US) to be added to the total.


Call outs

I do not do call outs, no exceptions, because I can't take my workshop with me. If you want me to "just come and look at a machine" a "come and look" fee will be payable in advance and I wil not be bringing any tools with me.

Transporting machines

We can fetch and return your machine for an added cost. Please contact me for a quote.

If you still want to bring it yourself I'd like you to follow the guidelines in a document I've prepared. Here's a pdf on the right way to load and unload a machine. Also, bring the guys you needed to get the machine loaded with you. 

Board Repairs

Acid damage from a leaky battery caused chaos with corroded tracks. This could have been prevented with a yearly battery change or a detached battery hanger like the one shown below.


IC's removed and corrosion neutralised. Same board, bottom view.

Broken tracks identified, checked and stitched.

New IC's installed in chip sockets


Mechanical Repair

Stainless steel ramp with failure.

Similar failure on a scoop repaired.



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