Products and Services

Parts produced for the services below are also sold separately. See my parts page for a list.

Mechanical Repair

Worn mechanisms and physical damage is repaired using rebuild kits or remanufactured parts where possible.


Board Repair

Circuit boards are repaired professionally. Battery corrosion and short circuits on the playfield are the main causes of board failure. Broken tracks are stitched and IC sockets are soldered into the boards before IC's are replaced.

Valet Service

Ramps and plastics are removed from the playfield to the point where all the rubber and lamps are accessible. Rubber is replaced with a fresh set. Broken and dull lamps are replaced. The playfield, plastics and ramps are cleaned and given a coat of Novus.

Broken and dull lamps in the backbox are replaced and the score reels of EM machines are cleaned.

Machines need to be checked in to the workshop.

Mini Valet

Only for EM machines.

Unplug your playfield and bring it along to the workshop. I'll mount it on the rotisserie here and change the rubber while we talk and have a coffee. I'll even sell you a box of lamps or two to take home.

Full Service


All machines needing some repair along with a decent clean and rubber change. The machine is checked for all defects and repaired after a quote is prepared and accepted. A Valet service is then added to get the machine buttoned up.

Playfield Replacement

Your machine is fitted with a new playfield.

Backglass Replacement

Your faded or broken backglass is replaced with a new one.

Full Restore


We can go the whole nine yards with your machine.

Typical options for an EM

  • Cabinet repair. Loose joinery and delaminated plywood is repaired.
  • Cabinet respray. Old paint is stripped, cabinet primed and sanded before a base coat and stenciling is applied.
  • Playfield replacement. New posts, lane guides, thumper bodies are installed.
  • New plastics. New plastics are made with perfect colour matching to the new playfield.
  • Backglass replacement.
  • Full mechanical service.

Typical SS options

  • Cabinet (and light box) repair and prep.
  • New cabinet decals. New Vinyls are prepared using UV cured fade resistant inks.
  • Playfield replacement with new posts, lane guides and thumpers and ramps.
  • New plastics.
  • Full mechanical service.

Solid State Conversion

If your electromechanical (EM) machine is too far gone it can be converted to solid state (SS) electronics to get it back to a playable machine. In a conversion the old relay logic is stripped out and replaced with digital electronics. The machine will play and sound like the original. Where possible the score reels are retained for authenticity.

The machine will however lose some collectors appeal. I will therefore only do this to machines that will otherwise be worthless and scrapped. A full restoration is part of the process.

It comes with a supplementary invoice you can show your wife as well as a recommendation for a good psychiatrist.



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