Shown here are some of the playfields, plastics and backglass I can supply. Made to order with limited items in stock. Contact me for availability.


Playfields are hand made from quality imported plywood and digitally inked. Symmetrical playfields now really are symmetrical. Plastics are produced with perfect colour matching.

High Speed


Eight Ball

King Rock


Fast Draw

Spirit of 76


Wild Wild West

Power Play



See Saw

Fast Draw

Quick Draw


Eight Ball


Cabaret reverse mask


Broken part supplied as reference

Reproduction with masking

Spirit of 76

Universe - Before

Universe with new insert

Shangri La



If you bring in your old set I'll make you a new one.

Shown here is what I have in stock.

Twilight Zone Slingshots

Twilight Zone Mini Playfield

Twilight Zone Slot Machine

Twilight Zone Rocket

Spirit of 76. Full Set

Universe. Full Set

Jungle. Full Set


Cabinet Decals

  • Star Wars original (DE "92)
  • Star Wars custom (DE "92)
  • Spirit of 76
  • Fast Draw
  • Getaway
  • Eight Ball


design and copyright: Escapism Pinball