New Pinball Machines

Spirit of 76 Solid State Edition

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The backglass was reworked to fit electronic displays with clear, rugged 1" 5-digit scoring. The resulting empty space between the narrower displays was filled with a Saturn V rocket reminiscent of the 2 player Pioneer backglass.

The cabinet is redesigned to give a 4.5 degree native playfield slope for a slightly faster game. The backbox has an old school design but allows for front access. Cabinet graphics are reworked to fit.

Eight Ball

Eight Ball

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New electronics replace the expensive imports and make for a modular system that is upgradeable and maintainable with common locally available components.


Cabinets are made from 18mm plywood according to standard lockbar and playfield dimensions. It is primed, sanded, primed again and given a 2K base coat before hand stencilling or decal application.

Stencils are reworked to fit the 4.5 degree Escapism Classic cabinets, sprayed in the original colours and given a protective clear coat.


Custom Pinball Machines

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2

Contact me to discuss your requirements. Unfortunately these are not for sale. 

Three machines were comissioned by Universal and Disney South Africa to serve as prizes in a competition for a marketing campaign. Machines were made from scratch.

This is a four player game where the current players character lights up. LED displays with 3/4" digits give full 6 digit scoring.

The playfield was based on the Eight Ball with a modified rule set.

A combination of LEDs and bulbs are used.

LEDs provide durability and brightness for the switched illumination and incandescent bulbs give the warm, old school glow.



Refurbished Pinball Machines

Sold 20/02/09

Sky Jump 1974, by Gottlieb. 

Beautiful electromechanical in original condition for sale. Just serviced with new rubber and lamps.


Video blog of the service can be seen on youtube here. [PLAYLIST]

Sold 19/10/17

William Taxi 1987.

I've just finished a service and repair on this machine and the owner wanted to sell. Serviced with new rubber and lamps.

Williams Taxi Playfield detail Pinball Machine: Williams Taxi

Sold 19/3/1

Gottlieb Jungle 1972. Playfield restored. See the Gallery for more pictures.



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