Service and Repair


In a service the playfield is stripped to allow access to the old rubber and burnt lamps. After removing the old rubber, plastics and ramps, the playfield is cleaned and given a coat of Novus 2 to remove scratches and bring back the shine (and the speed).

A service includes minor mechanical repairs and adjustments. If a major part is broken, like a burnt flipper coil, or broken ramp, it will cost extra and will be quoted separately for repairs to proceed.

Special Offer

If you own a Bally Centaur I will service one for free. First come first serve. (Image from IPDB

The process

  1. Contact me for a booking.

  2. Your machine arrives in my workshop.
  3. I give it a thorough inspection to determine what's broken.
  4. I quote you on extra spares if needed.
  5. I order the necessary parts from the USA.
  6. I service your machine when the parts arrive.
  7. I send you an invoice.
  8. You pay me by EFT or cash.
  9. Your machine goes home.

The costs

  • Services -
    Costing is done according to machine age. I have three categories. Electromechanical (EM) machines, early solid state (SS) machines from the 70’s and 80’s and late SS machines, 90’s to present.

    Early Solid States R 4,845
    Late Solid States R 5,415
    Electromechanicals R 7,410

  • Repairs -

    Mechanical repair R 1,710
    Electronic board repair R 1,710

The conditions

Machines are tested to verify that they turn on, reset and play. 
Machines that do not turn on and reset will be subject to added repair costs.

Machines missing major parts like legs or lock bars, electronic boards, mechanical innards or solenoid switches will not qualify for a service. These machines have to be refurbished and thats a different ball game. See the page on restorations.

The time

Services normally take 3-4 weeks but could take up to 2-3 months depending on the availability of spare parts.

If your machine has parts like these you're looking at an electromechanical (EM) machine.



Before you decide

In most cases a good service will increase the value of your machine by at least the amount you've spent with me. For most EM's however, this will rarely be true. You'll have to do some research (the internet pinball database and on-line classifieds) into the value of the machine given its age, condition and collectors appeal before spending too much on its restoration.

If, however, you've managed to get hold of a classic piece like a Spirit of "76, a Twilight Zone, an El Dorado or a Kiss, we'd better talk, soon, regardless of the condition.

Transporting machines

We can fetch and return your machine for an added cost. Please refer to my price list for a ballpark figure and contact me for a proper quote.

If you still want to bring it yourself I'd like you to follow the guidelines in a document I've prepared. Here's a pdf on the right way to load and unload a machine. Also, bring the guys you needed to get the machine loaded with you. 

Call outs

Apart from coming over to have a look so we can decide how to proceed, I'm afraid company policy dictates: No call outs, no exceptions.

Having said that, I have been known to do minor fixes and tweak on site but if I have to start removing mechanisms and ramps I will insist on having the machine in my workshop where I have all the tools, light, ventilation, bandwidth, space, spares and coffee I need.










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