Classic Revival


Looking for an old school classic machine? Remember Eight Ball, El Dorado, Royal Flush, Power Play, Fast Draw, See Saw or Spirit of '76?

If you've been looking around you've realised that these machines are very hard to come by, epecially in decent working condition.

This is where a replica from Escapism Pinball comes in. Our machines are designed and built to give you the authentic 60's and 70's games without the maintenance nightmares. 

The electromechanics are replaced with electronics and in doing so we're able to make them more reliable and to modify the rule sets where it makes logical sense.

We call them replicas but in reality they differ in many ways. The backglass is modified to accomodate the new displays that are slightly smaller than the old score reels. The cabinet is designed to give a better playfield slope. The Playfields are tweaked for better symmetry and to suit the new rule sets where needed.






Electromechanicals have an old school feel to them provided by the chimes, the sounds of the score reels and the solenoid switch banks. This comes at a price, however, because that row of switches in the bottom cabinet has the game logic hard wired into it. In conjunction with the score reels in the back box your game only works properly if they all make clean contact.

With solid state machines you lose a few features like score reels, scoring motors and the banks of solenoid switches but you retain the original playfield layout, the chimes and the classic graphics on the cabinet and playfield and of course your machine will have a backglass with graphics applied directly on the glass, just like the old school games.


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Playfields have a durable clear coat that resists wear and can be easily cleaned.

The playfield is almost identical to the original apart from a few accuracy tweaks. It's still a 20.25x42" board and can be used in the original machine. The original plastics will fit.





The cabinet is redesigned so that the playfield will have a native 4.5 degree slope making the ame a little faster than the original EM's. The cabinet is part old school with a removable backbox on a riser, part new design with a flat section below the backbox.  

Cabinet graphics printed directly to the wood and coated with clear polyurethane. In this version the cabinet wood grain is not completely covered by ink on purpose here to prove its not a decal. A smooth version is also made.





This machine will not be running score reels. 1" LED score displays will be used in stead, so the apertures for the score displays were altered. This left big boring empty spaces in the middle which now sports a Saturn V rocket like the one they put on the 2 player version.



We develop our own electronics to be used in our custom and replica machines. Circuit boards are made locally and are designed to be modular to make maintenance and upgrades easier, cheaper and faster. We also guarantee our electronics for 1 year.



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