Twilight Zone

Had to remake some plastics for this one and fix the clock.

July 19, 2014 - Another TZ. This time for a reset issue. There must be a better way to stop these machines from resetting. 

Swallowed my pride and followed Shaggys instructions for a change. Checked all the connectors from the Transformer up to the power board. Wiggling the connector on the power board caused the bridge voltage to fluctuate. The connector was also heating up. So... problem there.

Removed the board for closer inspection. Found that some plumber had been at it before. Bridges had been replaced with 2A units in stead of the recommended 5A ones without the use of heat sink paste. I could see by the added links that the through hole plating had beed destroyed so some stitching was necessary. A line on the J120 connector was also soldered to the connector pin, presumably after the connector burnt. New connector needed there too. Replaced the power connector, the bridges and the 5V cap.

Bottom of the power board. The aftermath of a Philistine attack.

Components removed. Tracks cleaned and drilled for the stitches.


Stiches on the bottom side.


Bridges fixed to the heat sink with a thin smear of heat sink paste. Bridges lined up and soldered in.


New power connector for J101. Resetting no more. Had it going through Lost In The Zone without problems on 220VAC.


Another quick fix on J120 by a "qualified vending technician". Replacement connector. GI back to normal.


2013 /09/07

George brought his in a day or two after Lino's. Also resetting. Reset issues disappeared after the Bridge and Cap fix. Problem reappeared about a week after it went home. It runs fine in the workshop so I stuck a multimeter into my mains plug. Seems my workshop was running at 250VAC while the rest of Pretoria runs on 240VAC and Joburg runs on 220VAC. Bought myself a line voltage regulator keeping my shop line at 220VAC. Just in case I get this again. Time to get the hell out of Dodge and move to a new workshop!




When my friend Lino was in the market for a machine I was hoping he'd get an Addams Family or something, but nooooooo, he had to be a smart ass and get a TZ as well. Truth be told, he *was* looking for a Dracula at the time, his favourite game. Anyone with a Brams Stokers' might still be able to twist his rubber arm. Just don't metion it to his wife.

Its in good nick, the decals aren't faded and he got it for a good price, Only suffered from some GI outages and the occasional reset, even the clock worked. Brought it to my shop for a service. Replaced the bridges and caps as well. Now its pretty much pristine.




My 40th birthday present from the old ball and chain. She reads me like a cheap comic! Had to polish it up first though. The display still acts up a bit, there is STILL a light on the door panel that wont come on because of a dodgy connector I just don't get time to fix and the clock is STILL BROKEN. Other than that it works like a charm. My favourite toy.


Right before we wheeled her into the house

Mostly dirt. No big deal.


Up and running!

The alley at the old house.

The battery holder mod.




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