Star Wars - Jan "18


Service and cabinet restoration


The game came in with a few issues. Immediately I noticed that the backbox came down during transport which shattered the glass. The paint was coming off the cabinet and the cabinet front was peeling badly. Water damage is the likely suspect.

The whole cabinet had to be redone which meat that the playfield had to come out. Cosmetically it was in bad shape so I had little hope that it worked. Before going into a massive restoration I always turn the machine on to see whether it still works. Luckily this one did. The sound seemed to have a fair bit of distortion but in all it was a workable machine. Inside it was fairly clean and the boards looked OK.

The playfield came out and the cabinet was glued, sanded, primed and painted to give a good smooth surface for the Vinyls.

A few issues were found when servicing the playfield. A loose stand up target was refitted with a new stiffener plate and the ramp was cracked. The cracked ramp was silver brazed with a few added corner clips.

The power supply board was refitted with new fuse clips and in the process a loose wire supplying -12V to the sound board was found and fixed. A new power switch was also fitted.

Some globes were very dim and it turn out they were 12V globes. Replaced them with new 555's.

Playfield partially stripped for cleaning and rubber and globe fitting. Little bits of glass was found everywhere.


End results



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