Spirit of '76 - June 2018


Playfield restoration

The Spirit came in with a battered playfield so I stripped it down and replaced the worn parts with some home grown bits.



The lower center of the playfield was lumpy so I suspect there had been some wear that had been filled, somehow, and painted over. The parts around the bumpers were worn, filled with epoxy it seems, and given mylars but really, nothing that'll buff out. So, replace the playfield with a new one.

Stripping the old.


A well worn top arch is a hallmark of a good machine. If it had been played this much the designers got it right. The hand me down plastics, the faded bumpers, the painted rails. Its gotta go.



The worn patch on the wire harness caused the star rollover and bumper lights to fail. Spliced, soldered and insulated. Added an extra harness clip to prevent further wear.


The replacement part during clear coating.








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