Guardians of the Galaxy

In March 2017 and order for three custom machines came in from Universal Studios. Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2 was about to be released and to promote the movie a competition on radio where you could win a pinball machine was held. The machines were to be based on a classic design from the 70's modified to suit the new theme. The design chosen was that of Bally's Eight Ball from 1977. One of the reasons Eight Ball held the record for the most machines sold until 1993 was its gameplay. Simple enough for beginners and casual players to understand and enjoy with enough difficulty to keep challenging the experienced players.

On GOTG I resurrected the top left target, not used on Eight Ball, to provide eight shield targets that start out lit and have to be collected to light up the small shield bonus lights at the bottom of the playfield. The rules are therefore 1. Collect all lit targets for bonus. Each bonus shield scores 3000 at the end of the current ball in play 2. Make the right loop to advance the bonus multiplier. 3. Make the top right target to light the kick back and the spinner. Spinner is reset by the auxilliary switches adjacent to the bumpers. Kickback is reset when used. Spinner scores 1000 when lit.

New playfield fresh off the printer


Bonus Lights


Driving the machine is my second generation board set. These are made up of 6 digit display modules, a solenoid driver, main CPU and LED drivers. In this machine 12V is used to drive the general illumination and logic and 50V is used for the solenoids. Switched illumination is all done with LEDs and general lighting is done with 12V incandescent bulbs to retain the warm, old school feel.

Cabinet Hardware

I use my own coin doors, legs and side rails. The lock bar and plunger are standard pinball parts imported from the USA.

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