The Getaway  - Feb "17

Another Steve Richie masterpiece.


Came in for a service and new cabinet art. Found some board issues caused by a leaky battery. Also made a new translite.


Leaky batteries. The corrosion goes everywhere, ...


... even under the IC sockets. You may as well remove all of them.


Acid cleaned and neutralised. Chips (ICs/Integrated Circuits) removed.



Installed a new detached battery holder.



Corroded tracks stitched and new chips installed on new IC sockets



Cabinet is stripped and painted a black base coat before the vinyl decals are applied.




Acid leaked onto the translite and eroded a patch of its white backing layer causing a major blemish when backlit. I made a new one with a uniform translucency. Colours look weird here because its a CMYK image. Can't remember what I printed it on. Probably 0.5mm Styrene.



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