The Getaway  - Feb "17

Another Steve Richie masterpiece.


Came in for a service and new cabinet art. Found some board issues caused by a leaky battery. Also made a new translite.

Board Repair

Leaky batteries. The corrosion goes everywhere, ...


... even under the IC sockets. You may as well remove all of them.


Acid cleaned and neutralised. Chips (ICs/Integrated Circuits) removed.



Installed a new detached battery holder.



Corroded tracks stitched and new chips installed on new IC sockets



Cabinet is stripped and painted a black base coat before the vinyl decals are applied.





Acid leaked onto the translite and eroded a patch of its white backing layer causing a major blemish when backlit. I made a new one with a uniform translucency. Colours look weird here because its a CMYK image.




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