Frequently Asked Questions


Where are you?

Muckleneuk, Pretoria, South Africa.

Can I drop in?

Sure, just contact me to make an appointment please.

Can you come fix my machine please?

I do not do call outs.

Will you fetch/deliver my machine?

Driveway pickup and delivery only. See my price list for detail.

Do you sell spares?

I support the machines I build with a complete inventory. I don't sell rubber, balls or bulbs. The parts I sell are described on my parts page.

Do you know of anyone who sells spares?

In the United States there's Marco Specialties and The Pinball Resource. In South Africa, not that I know of.

What will a service/restoration cost?

See my price list.

What does EM stand for?

EM is short for electromechanical. Also Extensive Maintenance. These machines are from the early 70's and before. They run on relays, switches and score reels. When they're old and dirty it can be a real bitch to get them to run properly. If you own one you'll have to do maintenace on it yourself, quite regularly.

What does SS stand for?

SS is short for Solid State. These machines run on electronic circuit boards and have digital displays. They are far easier to maintain.

What's my machine worth?

It depends on the condition and the game model. If its not working, made in Spain and has a worn playfield and cabinet its worthless. If its in pristine condition and its a Twilight Zone from Bally its worth a fortune.



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